Bree Caldwell CPDT-KA

Bree Caldwell is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, which means she has logged hundreds of hours teaching clients and passed a 250 question exam in the 90th percentile.  The exam covers learning theory, husbandry, ethology, and instruction, which means Bree has a strong understanding of how dogs learn (and how we teach them.)  You can read more about this certification organization here: http://www.ccpdt.org/

Bree has been fortunate to learn from a wide variety of dog trainers over many years in different areas of dog behavior, dog sports, and life skills.  She has been teaching professionally since 2012. She's trained with all three of her dogs in Rally, Rally FrEe, Agility, Nosework, Freestyle, Tricks, and Treiball.  She has even competed at NADAC Championships (Elite level agility).

Bree created Bark, Laugh, Learn to offer a safe and fun environment for both dogs and their folks.  As a professional trainer, Bree focuses on making difficult topics easy to understand.  She also focuses on the whole dog's well being RATHER than just the behavior.  This integral approach is meant to help handlers understand their dog and work towards a better life together.  You'll never see corrections or adverse training when you come to class, because Bree thinks that our dogs deserve better!  To Bree, life with dogs is more than obedience so you may as well BARK, LAUGH, AND LEARN!



Freya - CEO - Canine Executive Officer

1-Leg Novice Freestyle, 2 Legs Novice Rally FrEe


Freya was born early in 2009 and has brought joy, laughter, and a party to the Caldwell home.  Freya was born a young soul and has stayed that way!  She started Bree down the path of becoming a professional dog trainer.  Freya competed in agility for a couple years and even qualified at the elite level!  Due to uncomfortable confirmation and hips, she was retired to a life of tricks, Rally, Freestyle, and agility groundwork.

Freya taught Bree to lighten up, enjoy the ride, and live a little. 


Sissy - Head of Security

1 - Leg Novice Freestyle

Novice Rally FrEe Title

NADAC Agility: O-OCC, S-OJC, EAC, TG-O , O-TN-E , O-WV-N, HP-O, Qualified for NADAC Champs 2013 & 2016

Sissy was born in 2010 and what an amazing addition to the family she was!  Sissy was a young - soft dog who evolved into a fiery agility dog.  She competed for 5 years in agility, won a high in trial, and even attended NADAC Championships in 2013 (placing with a team in one round) and Championships in 2016 (placing in 3 rounds).  Sissy has been retired (she's willing but her back isn't) and spends her days playing tricks, freestyle, Rally, Rally FrEe, and doing agility groundwork.

Sissy continues to teach Bree patience and to look past expectations for success!

McCoy - Organizer/Logistical Operations

2 Leg Novice Rally FrEe


McCoy was born in 2013.  McCoy is a serious dude and is still working on foundation behaviors.  He has amazing focus, beautiful heelwork, and is a blast to train with.  His potential is incredible and he has a big future ahead of him!

Lately McCoy has been participating in NADAC agility and Rally FrEe.

McCoy taught Bree the importance of early socialization and appreciating each dog for themselves.