Nosework Fun Match

Fun  Match - March.jpg
Fun  Match - March.jpg

Nosework Fun Match


Elements: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, and Containers

Scents: Birch, Anise, Clove

You choose the level that sounds the most challenging and fun for your dog:

  • Level 1: 1 hide, birch, no hides higher than 1-2 foot off the ground.

  • Level 2: 1-2 hides, birch/Anise, no hides higher than 1-2 feet off the ground.

  • Level 3: 1-4 hides, birch/anise/clove, no hides higher than 3 feet off the ground

  • Level 4 - 1-5 hides, (blind number of hides meaning you clear the area), Any height

Judges: Bree Caldwell, All Levels

Registration for the November 10 event is now available: REGISTER HEREStart time will be 9:30 AM at the Sit Happens Facility in Missoula, MT.  Crating space may be available, but please tentatively plan to crate in your cars. 

Ribbons will be rewarded for qualifying runs and placements.  Larger rosettes will be given for teams qualifying in all 4 elements offered. 

Final awards such as HIT trial ribbons, highest scoring dog per level, quickest searches, etc will be given as well. This is the FINAL Fun Match of 2018!

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