Is your puppy wasting valuable development time at home alone?  Have a busy day planned and need a place for them to go?  Look no further, Puppy Day Camp is right for you! 

Socialization - Puppies have a critical sensitive development period from 10-16 weeks of age.  You can take advantage of this time and send your puppy to camp!  They'll get to play with puppies their own size and age, as well as experience new obstacles, new people, a brand new environment, and have a blast doing it!  We limit the age to 6 months and weight to 35 pounds to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Training - Puppies that attend Puppy Day Camp will get one on one training along with group training.  Many different behaviors will be taught throughout the day like: house training, crate training, loose leash walking, self control, door manners, body awareness, grooming, handling, and more! Our puppy classes or a private lesson are recommended since this training is supplemental and needs to be transferred to the handler.

Fun and Physical Movement - This is beyond just tiring out your puppy, this is teaching them about new surfaces, new equipment, new environments, careful movement, thoughtful navigation of new obstacles, and enjoying the journey while they do!

Crate Rest - Puppies require upwards of 18 hours of sleep a day.  We have structured rest times to improve crate skills and give your puppy a break.  Have no fear, you will still take home a tired puppy with some new tricks up their sleeve.

When - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Drop Off is 7:00 - 8:30 AM/Pick up is 4:00 - 5:30 PM.  Late pick ups will incur a $15 fee.

Where - Puppy Day Camp occurs at the air conditioned/heated 600 sq foot Bark Laugh Learn facility.  We have rubber floors and clean regularly.  We also have two large fenced yards for your pup to eliminate and play in safely.

Cost - $35 per day per puppy.  Keep in mind this is more than day care, this is training, socialization, and life skills that your puppy gets to take home.  We also monitor play closely to ensure a good play style and size match.  We want everyone to have a safe and fun visit.

Vaccinations/Health - Puppies must have their first round of shots to attend.  Bordetella is not required. Puppies must've been dewormed or show a negative fecal sample within the last 3 weeks.

Cancellations - Cancellations can be made 24 hours prior to your booked day.  You can reschedule your time at any point prior.