Montana Nosework League

The goal of the Montana Nosework League is to create a series of nosework fun matches around the state. Prizes will be given at the last fun match for various achievements like quickest searches, highest number of qualifiers, etc.  The following dates will be fun matches, mark your calendars!

  • July 1 - Helena (Fairgrounds with Air Conditioned Crating) - REGISTER HERE
  • September 16 - Helena (Fairgrounds with Air Conditioned Crating)
  • November 3 - Missoula (Sit Happens)

Elements per Fun Match: Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, and Containers

Scents per Fun Match: Birch, Anise, Clove

You choose the level that sounds the most challenging and fun for your dog:

  • Level 1: 1 hide, birch, no hides higher than 1-2 foot off the ground.
  • Level 2: 1-2 hides, birch/Anise, no hides higher than 1-2 feet off the ground.
  • Level 3: 1-4 hides, birch/anise/clove, no hides higher than 3 feet off the ground
  • Level 4 - 1-5 hides, (blind number of hides meaning you clear the area), Any height

Registration for the July 1 event is now available: REGISTER HEREStart time will be 9:30 AM at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds Entry Hall.  Crating space will be available in the building to keep them cool.  Please note that the fairgrounds doesn't have shade for parking.  So it may be too hot to crate from cars.

Ribbons will be rewarded for qualifying runs and placements.  Larger rosettes will be given for teams qualifying in all 4 elements offered. 

Completed Events: March 18 - Helena (Bark Laugh Learn) - (Results will be available HERE soon)

May 1 - Bozeman (Paws and People) - (Results will be available here soon)