Off leash skills for an on leash world!

WHAT: Getting ready for a summer of recreation with your dog? Plan to make a trip to the lake, take a hike, or go camping? Are you wondering how to build off leash skills?

This class is going to focus on:

  • building recalls

  • building automatic check - ins

  • teaching your dog to pass other dogs/handlers calmly

  • Learn how to use our space and environments to our advantage

WHEN: Saturday May 18th from 2 - 4 PM

WHERE: We will begin at the Bark Laugh Learn facility for the first hour and then we will go to a local trail to practice our new skills.

COST: $45

How to Attend: This workshop is limited to 4 handler/dog teams. Dogs shouldn’t be reactive towards other people or dogs. You can register for this workshop here: