Nosework Fun Match - Interior Element Style

WHAT: We will be having an interior element style fun match. We will run 4 separate room searches, with three levels available:

  • NW1 Level - 1 hide, Birch only.

  • NW2 Level - 1-3 hides, Birch and Anise, Known number of hides.

  • NW3 Level - 1-5 hides, Birch, Anise and Clove, Unknown number of hides.

“Qualifying” ribbons, placement ribbons per level, and high in trials ribbons will be awarded. All around ribbons will be awarded to dogs passing all 4 rooms/searches.

Acting judge will be Bree Caldwell.

WHEN: Saturday June 29th from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

WHERE: We will be at the Bark Laugh Learn facility, and we will have air conditioned crating available in the Bark Laugh Learn space. We will be searching the other parts/rooms of the building, which haven’t had any scent for the last year. The terain is mostly flat with all paved pathways. There is a very slight incline to the parking lot.

COST: $50

How to Attend: This Fun Match is limited to 15 handler/dog teams. Red bandana dogs are welcome, but please know there is no way to park out of site from dogs/people at this location.

You can register for this fun match here: