Foodie Friday - RAW Feeding Edition

Date: Friday, February 23

Time: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Location: 8195 Avocet - Bark Laugh Learn Climate Controlled Building

Cost: Free!

We will discuss raw food, how to make it, where to start, reference guides, and commercial options available to you and your dog.  Research shows the best food for your dog with lowest disease markers is raw.  This has helped many of my clients improve their lives with their dogs, and their dog's behavior.  Want to learn more, come on down!  It's totally free of charge.

Stacy Barnett Workshops

Friday April 13 - Coaching Day - Handler's Choice (Working Spot is $125) - You pick what you work on for the day!

Saturday/Sunday April 14-15 Hide Placement and Scent Theory  (Working Spot $250)- Learn the ins and outs of Scent Theory as it relates to hide design so that you can bring impact and power to your training sessions. Learn how to set up specific scenarios and puzzles to build your dog’s skills so you move you up the levels with ease. Work through a series of hide placements that will help you predict how the environment will have an impact on your dog’s performance. You will leave this seminar knowing how to gauge the challenges certain trial sites and situations offer and will understand why and how your dog is working particular searches.

Location: 8195 Avocet - Bark Laugh Learn Climate Controlled Building

Handler's Choice may take place at a couple local parks/outdoor areas

Working Spots are limited to 10 teams per day.  Auditing is unlimited.